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Women in STEM. Did you know... ...

Though she never graduated high school, as the daughter of the live-in housekeeper for the Tiffany family (of Tiffany & Co and Tiffany glass), May Edward Chinn grew up with much of the culture and education that the Tiffany children had. Her lack of a high school diploma didn’t stop Chinn from getting into Columbia University Teacher’s College in 1917, where she majored in science. She then became the first African-American woman to graduate from Bellevue Hospital Medical College (1926), and then the first African-American woman to intern at Harlem Hospital. After her internship however, Dr. Chinn had to open a private practice as she could not find a hospital that would allow her to practice at that time. Chinn worked with underserved populations and often they were in the late stages of terminal illnesses like cancer. Chinn was known for her push for early cancer detection through Pap smears and genetic history.