About Us

Equal Opportunities Section (EOS) of the American Fisheries Society

The mission of the Equal Opportunity Section (EOS) is to increase the representation, involvement, and belonging of diverse racial and ethnic communities as well as underrepresented gender identities, sexual orientations, and disability statuses in the American Fisheries Society.

EOS values active listening, employing empathy and understanding in meetings and between members, fostering inclusive and welcoming spaces within AFS, lifting up others, and amplifying marginalized voices. We understand the humanity in our science, and that our science affects humans. We strive to learn from our and other organizations’ successes in addition to acknowledging and learning from any failures or shortcomings. We aim to have diverse leaders who are committed to self-education and making progress on justice, diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and belonging in AFS. It is of utmost importance to EOS that its members feel represented, recognized, and valued.

Credit: NOAA

Credit: NOAA

Goals & Recent Activities

EOS works to encourage the exchange of information pertinent to the promotion of employment, education, scholarships, participation, professionalism, and recruitment for all individuals in the fisheries profession. The Section administers travel awards for the AFS Annual National Meeting to increase attendance of undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented identities. Other recent actions by this section include: hosting Diversity and Inclusion Day at the AFS 2020 Annual Virtual Meeting and publishing a special report on inclusion within AFS, creating a Slack Fisheries DEI Community space, hosting a LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC social at the 2021 AFS Annual Meeting, organizing a new diversity, equity, and inclusion column in Fisheries Magazine, collaborating with Western Division of AFS and the Diversity & Inclusion Committee to create diversity.fisheries.org.
  • Increase attendance of professionals and students from identities underrepresented in fisheries science (including race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, disability, and intersectional identities) at annual meetings.
  • Create affinity and support spaces for fisheries professionals and students from underrepresented backgrounds, including at conferences.
  • Encourage the recruitment and hiring of underrepresented fisheries professionals nationwide by targeting improved inclusion practices and value systems.
  • Increase professional interactions between research institutions and minority colleges, including HBCUs, MSIs, and HSIs. Encourage and support the development of fishery research and instructional programs, particularly at predominantly minority institutions.
  • Collaborate with other AFS Sections and AFS leadership to evaluate progress on equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts, build accountability structures, and create/maintain efforts to promote our vision for a more welcoming and just professional society.


Special Report from Diversity and Inclusion Day 2020 now available!

Full pdf report: AFS/EOS Special Reports page

Breakdown of Action Items: Toolkit page