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Equal Opportunities Section (EOS) of the American Fisheries Society

EOS works to encourage the exchange of information pertinent to the promotion of employment, education, scholarships, participation, professionalism, and recruitment for all individuals in the fisheries profession. The Section administers the J. Frances Allen Scholarship program, fosters mentoring of under-represented groups via an annual mentoring award and luncheon.

Credit: NOAA

Credit: NOAA


To increase the representation and involvement of diverse ethnic/racial groups and females in the American Fisheries Society.


  • Increase professional interaction between research institutions and minority colleges.
  • Increased attendance of minority and female professionals and students at annual meetings.
  • Encourage and support the development of fishery research and instructional programs, particularly at predominantly minority (including female) institutions.
  • Encourage the hiring of more minority and female fisheries professionals nationwide.
  • Provide students looking for employment with information about summer jobs in fisheries or aquatic science fields.

Special Report from Diversity and Inclusion Day 2020 now available!

Full pdf report: AFS/EOS Special Reports page

Breakdown of Action Items: Toolkit page