Action Plan


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The Equal Opportunities Section works to encourage the exchange of information pertinent to the promotion of employment, education, scholarship, participation, professionalism, and recruitment for all individuals in the fisheries profession. The Section administers the J. Frances Allen Scholarship program, Mentoring for Professional Diversity Award, Travel Awards for underrepresented students, maintains a web site, sponsors symposia on issues related to diversity among fisheries professionals and fish users, and publishes a newsletter.



ITO 2.2 – Encourage members to provide articles on fisheries resources to the popular press representing minority and women’s communities. (Members; as needed)


ITO 3.1 – Update links to other organizations that promote diversity in natural resource professions on the EOS web site. (Web Master / ExCom / Members; as needed)

Electronic Information Network

ITO 4.1 – Exchange information regarding activities through regular email, newsletter, and EOS web site Articles. (ExCom / Editor / Web Master; as needed)

Public Policy

ITO 5.5 – Review and identify opportunities to develop policy statements on diversity issues related to the fisheries profession or resource management. (ExCom; as needed)


Professional Development

MS 1.5(a) – Sponsor mentoring event at the AFS annual meeting. (Mentoring Committee; August 2001)

Science-based Information

MS 2.1(a) – Organize a symposium on Native Peoples or Hispanic-American involvement in the fisheries profession at the Phoenix 2001 annual meeting. (Symposium Committee; August 2001)

MS 2.1(b) – Develop plans to host a symposium on recruitment and retention strategies for enhancing professional diversity and/or African-American seafaring heritage at the Baltimore 2002 AFS meeting (Symposium Committee; August 2002).

MS 2.1(c) – Hold section annual meeting in conjunction with the parent society annual conference in Phoenix. (ExCom; August 2001)

Electronic Services

MS 3.1 – Maximize use of email and EOS web site for enhancing communication within the section through . (ExCom / Web Master; as needed)

MS 3.3 – Maintain an updated email listing of all section members through the ListBot function on the EOS web page. (President / Web Master; as needed)

MS 3.4 – Expand and maintain the EOS web site to include regular updates on all section activities and history. (ExCom / Web Master, as needed)


MS 4.1 – Finalize content of a survey on issues related to participation of women and minorities in AFS and the fisheries profession; redesign survey length and sample sizes; deploy as an email survey to selected sample of AFS members, and possibly web posting to reach nonmembers; contribute an article on the results to Fisheries (Tom Brown – Cornell University, Survey Ad-Hoc Committee; August 2002).

MS 4.2 – Maintain updated links to employment resources that assist in development of workplace diversity. (Web Master / Members; as needed)

MS 4.3(a) – Review applications and select recipients for the J. Frances Allen Scholarship. (J. Frances Allen Committee; May 2001)

MS 4.3(b) – Review applications and select recipient for the Mentoring for Professional Diversity Award. (Mentoring Committee; June 2001)

MS 4.3(b) – Support minority outreach through travel grants to AFS annual meetings. (Outreach Committee; July 2001)

MS 4.4 – Provide suggestions to other units of AFS for nominations that would encourage leadership by women and minorities. (ExCom / Members; as needed)

MS 4.5 – Post information on minority outreach events and awards, sponsored by EOS or other natural resource organizations, on the EOS web site. (ExCom / Members / Web Master; as needed)

Strategic Plan Implementation

MS 5.2 – Develop and approve an annual plan of work for August 2000 to August 2001 that is coordinated with unit goals and the parent society strategic plan. (ExCom / Members; August 2000)

MS 5.5 – Report EOS planned and completed activities semi-annually to the AFS President. (EOS President; March and August 2001)


Promote Stewardship

AS 1.1(a) – Upon request, participate in review of applicants for student travel scholarship to World Fisheries Congress (President; July 2001).

AS 1.1(b) – Provide financial contribution for student travel to World Fisheries Congress (Members; August 2000).

AS 1.5 – Work with International Fisheries, Native Peoples Fisheries, and Socioeconomic sections, as well as other units and external organizations, to facilitate development of holistic management practices for resources affecting minority communities. (ExCom / Members; as needed)

AS 2.1 – Work with the AFS Parent Society to implement the Junior Fisheries Biologist Program and Robert F. Hutton Fund (ExCom / Members; as needed).

Stewardship Education

AS 2.1 – Encourage members to provide resources or leadership in educational programs for civic groups and schools in minority communities and at minority (including female) undergraduate and graduate institutions. (Members; as needed)

AS 2.5 – Encourage participation in activities that encourage public leadership and development of women and minority students in stewardship of aquatic resources. (Members; as needed)