Individual Actions

Individual Actions

From the DI Day breakout sessions and inclusivity survey, we have created a list of action items that can be taken by individuals within AFS. 

Be a Model

  • Share your pronouns so others feel safe to share theirs.
  • Model behavior that we want to see/be. Example – during networking events, break out of your clique and meet new people.
  • Wear stickers to identify mentors, safe place/people to talk to.
  • Acknowledge we all are responsible for educating ourselves and making our society more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.
  • Attend trainings and commit to self-education to be an ally for marginalized identities.

Be an Active Member and Ally

  • If you are an educator, adapt inclusive teaching practices.
  • Mentor BIPOC and other marginalized students/early career professionals.
  • Cite, amplify, and work with colleagues from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Become more involved in AFS through workshops, reading Fisheries, presenting your work, as well as participating in various sections and chapters. Join the Equal Opportunities Section.

This placard can be used if you would like to download a copy of Individual Actions: